Violin Fingerboard Sticker

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No need to painstakingly place tapes on the fingerboard.

For a beginner, its important to know where to place your fingers for each of the notes because the fingerboard doesn't have any indication of where the notes are and it will be very frustrating to try to find them without a guide of some kind. 

Our fingerboard tapes go all the way across the fingerboard, making it 100% clear where the note is.  Also, it is good to use these because you can feel where the edges of the tapes are, so you can find the spot just by feel instead of having to look.  That is good because a lot of the time your eyes will be busy reading music or looking at a conductor in an orchestra.  To feel where the note is, just slide the finger back and forth a bit and you'll sense exactly where to place the finger without needing to look.

First Fret easily goes on in one piece and uses colored lines to show the first position finger positions. Less confusing for beginning students as it has only first position. 

Placing the Stickers on the Fingerboard

Peel the back off the tape and slide it under all four strings. If its hard to get it under all of them, you can feed it under the strings by the bridge. Make sure the tape is perfectly level, not slanting to one side or the other.